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Decorating Myths

A Ceiling Should Always Be White
A light coloured ceiling attracts attention. This is because our eyes are naturally attracted to objects that stand out, and white stands out the most because it has the highest reflective value of any colour. However, white is not always the most desirable colour for a ceiling. A darker coloured ceiling helps to direct the eye back down to head level, allowing it to focus on the lighter or contrasting objects in a room, such as the walls, furnishings and accessories.

An All White Room Seems Larger
A room that is all white - or all black, or completed entirely in any one colour, will seem larger than one with numerous colours in it. Why? It is contrast which makes a room feel smaller because your eye darts all over, focusing on various objects within the space. Monochromatic schemes are often elegant, but sometimes can lack a dynamic feel compared to multicoloured decors.

Trim Must Always Be Painted White
It is true that white usually fits all roomscapes. However, because trim colour can be carried through an entire home fairly easily, it can be either lighter or darker than the base wall colour. Dark trim in a room's accent shade can add a new dimension to a space.

Paint Colours Must Match Furniture Exactly
Paint colours selected form patterns and colours in furniture do not have to match perfectly as long as they are in the same colour family and follow the same tones. Lighter or darker versions of the colour can be very effective.

Colour Continuity Means The Same Colour Throughout
Colour continuity does not mean painting every room in your house the same colour, but rather that there is some relationship between the colour scheme of one room and the next. One or two unifying colours in adjoining rooms make them feel similar even though they look different.


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